– Jack Black, Tenacious D

“True visionary art.”
– Mix Master Mike, Beastie Boys

“You take such fucking awesome pictures.
They just keep getting better and better.”
– Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters

“Great pictures, nice guy, magic combination!”
– John Paul Jones, Them Crooked Vultures, Led Zeppelin

“It’s a relief Dustin is crawling around the shadows somewhere,
trapping moments into immortality, rather than allowing them to fade into memory.”
– Josh Homme, Queens Of The Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures

“The drummer keeps a pulse. Dustin freezes it with a glance.
– Stephen Perkins, Jane’s Addiction

“Dustin captures the spirit and the glamour of live burlesque beautifully.
Thank you!”
– Dita Von Teese

“He has a gifted ability to see and capture moments that
usually go unnoticed by the average eye!”
– Ben Kowalewicz, Billy Talent

“Dustin is a unique photographer with a rare gift for capturing life in his cinematic style.
Every one of his pictures tells a story, and most of the time I don’t even know he’s there until I see the prints later.
He’s like Magnum P.I. with a camera!
– Ian D’Sa, Billy Talent

“Dustin always goes above and beyond the call of duty. Sometimes he even rubs my feet during photo shoots.”
– Aaron Solowoniuk, Billy Talent

“Dustin can make my cheeks glow.”
– Jonathan Gallant, Billy Talent

“I only have 2 photos hanging on the walls in my house;
one of my wife and I and the other is one that Dustin took.”
– Dallas Green, City And Colour / Alexisonfire

“His love for what he does runs so deeply that he liberates moments of excitement, hope, joy,
and authenticity in a way so few photographers can.”
– Richard Branson

“Dustin does great work. Clean, expressive shots.
He definitely captured the temperature of the things going down in that room.”
– Chino, Deftones

“How can I possibly articulate how blown away I am by your work?
Your images dramatically changed my film.”
– James Moll, Director Foo Fighters Back And Forth

“Dustin is a natural.”
– Sarah Harmer, Musician

“Dustin – the 50,000,001st guy to see me nude!”
– Deanna Brooks, Playboy Playmate

“Dustin has a great eye, and is stealthy like a ninja.
He steals souls, and his photography tells their stories.”
– Frank Iero, My Chemical Romance

“I hate all photographers. Especially that Dustin Creep.”
– Mike Patton, Faith No More / Fantomas / Tomahawk

“In our ten years as a band, no photographer has captured us the way Dustin has.
No other picture ever seems to put you in the moment, whereas
Dustin’s pictures are often the closest thing to being there.”
– Tim McIlrath, Rise Against

“Dustin has a photographic lens for an eye.”
– Alfredo Ortiz, Beastie Boys

“Dustin has as equal or greater artistic vision as the people he photographs”
– Raine Maida, Our Lady Peace

“Dustin is always there, looking to capture the excitement of the music. Like all great photographers, he never stops!!!”
– Melissa Auf der Maur, Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, Hand Of Doom

“The Things We Left Behind was one of my favourite records that we have done in a long time.
One of the big reasons is because of Dustin’s photographs.
Sometimes album art lifts the whole project up just enough and
Dustin somehow managed to place the music perfectly.”
– Greg Keeler, Blue Rodeo

“A tireless seeker of the perfect moment.”
– Sarah Slean, Musician

“Dustin, thanks for making us look cooler than we actually are.”
– Steve Bays, Hot Hot Heat

“He’s the Gandalf of photography, but cuter. Thanks Dust!”
– Erin Karpluk – Erica Strange, “Being Erica”

“You are my new favorite photographer!”
– Norman Wonderly, Publisher – Alternative Press Magazine

“Dustin seems to catch the essence of the live event through his lens as well as anyone I have seen.”
– Kevin Lyman, Founder of Warped Tour

“Dustin does a marvelous job, he’s just a marvelous young man.
If you knew him as well as I know him, you would be enamored.”
– Uncle Leo (Len Lesser)